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Cooking Fever Cheats

Cooking fever hack

Cooking Fever Hack: Get now the amount of gems that you need and deserve

Our Cooking Fever Cheats enables your ability to have more Cooking Fever Gems

In this article, we will provide you any information regarding Cooking Fever Gems. As we encounter enough people that are privatized by earning enough gems to rule the restaurants, we came up with a solution.

Cooking Fever Cheats are needless to say one of the most googled requests for a long time now. The game is very addictive and entertaining thus, there are millions of people who would need Cooking Fever Gems without accessing their card.

The Cooking Fever Hack can help you play your ingenious game having you, all your customers and restaurants with a smile on your face.

Before we start to share Cooking Fever Hacks we will also tell you some interesting facts about the game. Not only how this game was created and all its free benefits, but also we will tell you something about other customers opinion. We are sure that you will find yourself in their shoes once you’ll read it. By the end of this article you will know how smart it will be to use our Cooking Fever Cheats.

How and why Cooking Fever was made  

As well as dozens of million people know, Cooking Fever is a simulation game produced for mobiles. It was developed for both Android and iOS by Nordcurrent.

Nordcurrent is from Lithuania and it is a game developing Company. Nordcurrent has been operating since 2002 and through all this time has developed over 20 games. They didn’t stop only at games for mobile phones, they’ve created games for various platforms. The games that put the company in the limelight are the Happy Chef series and of course, Cooking Fever!

Developing those two games they have gained popularity, becoming one of the highly rated in the gaming industry.  Despite its Lithuanian origins, they are fully open minded and made its games available in more languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Cooking Fever was produced in 2014 and since then is one of the most downloaded mobile application and first on the Top Grossing. According to an Android Chart, it has cumulatively been downloaded for more than 100 million times, only in 2017!  That’s why we said earlier that we are sure that dozens of people will be thrilled to operate our Cooking Fever Cheats.

Knowing all this, we think that Cooking Fever will smash the “dashboard” of the “One of the most played mobile game in the world”. It will be not a surprise that by the end of 2018 the players will exceed 300 million.

Cooking fever hack

What Cooking Fever offers and what are Cooking Fever Gems 

The main purpose in Cooking Fever is to manage various restaurants. The players have the opportunity to experience a virtual reality, where they are the managers of different restaurants. From this point of view, Cooking Fever is exceptional because manages to have a real perspective, even though is a simulation game.

Managing the restaurants comes up to make different and several foods and drinks because the players need to attract more customers. They also have to serve the customer, which again is tricky. Why?

We will tell you why because they have to pay attention to the little things, thus the important things. It is important how quick the managers are, what the food tastes like, the quality of the environment and so on.  Each and every customer is important to their business. This is how they earn money, improve skills and upgrade.

Also, the kitchen design and appliances are making a huge difference depending on how the players are managing things.  With a common, boring kitchen they will stagnate, being unable to benefit from the rest of the game’s fantastic features.

This is another reason why you should use our Cooking Fever Hack in order to own more Cooking Fever Gems, thus you will be able to satisfy your clients accordingly. There’s no need to invest real money in the game, because you already find here what you need, the right Cooking Fever Cheat.

Cooking Fever Gems: important features

Having enough Cooking Fever Gems will give to the player the ability to customize and upgrade their kitchen and the kitchen appliances. Despite the interior design and the kickass features.

Another interesting feature is that the players can manage all sorts of restaurants, not only one type. They can choose between Pub’s who only serve Desserts, Fast Food’s, Oyster Bar’s, or maybe, something Oriental? In each “domain” they are able to practice different skills and cooking techniques, having a variety of settings.

Every type of food needs its own unique ingredients, thus in the game are over a hundred ingredients. Who would think that you could become a little master chef using a simple mobile game? This is the opportunity to cook several, unique dishes like you’ve always dreamed!

More than that, if the players want or need even more dishes, they can always work more and upgrade their kitchen. Upgrading the kitchen will allow them to make even more types of dishes.  If you are used to keep your Cooking Fever game updated, you can also conclude that new types of restaurants are added constantly.

Now, the most popular one is the “Aloha!Bistro”. This new Bistro will astonish your customers with delicious Hawaiian meals. They can be one of the first managers to introduce the authentic dishes from Hawaii and convince their customers that they are the best cooking chefs in the neighborhood. You can make iconic dishes like “Laulau” or “Ukulele”.

The kitchen appliances are in a great diversity, too.  The players are able to own everything from coffee makers and graters, rice cookers, popcorn makers to fancy pizza ovens and meat ovens.

Moving on with the features of the game, the players have an interesting couple of choices regarding the decorations of their own restaurants.  In order to attract more clients, they can also have the possibility to make their own goodies for the customers. They can make delicious cupcakes or fancy cookies.

Those features help them to increase the customer experience and relationship. Apparently, bonding with your customers is popular even in simulation games, not only in real life.

Cooking Fever needs internet connection as well as the Cooking Fever Hack

A new interesting feature that is also a little bit odd is that now you need internet connection in order to be able to play the game.  Unlike most of the simulation games, this one is a little bit more complex.

Cooking Fever needs internet data to keep your rewards, game progress and money up to date. Also, this is a new improvement. We are wondering what the players are thinking about it.

Cooking Fever Hacks: why do you need them and what the game provides

Through all this managing and creating more restaurants, attract more customers, the game is made of more 400 levels. Each level has new requirements and improvements. More than that, the developers of the game are improving its features adding more level gradually.

Even though some players are moving faster than the others, the wait is never too long. Cooking Fever Gems are indispensable if you want to improve or take advantage to the most awesome features. This is the only reason that most of the players can upgrade to a new level, thus the waiting for new ones is that that hard to accept.

We have to say that yes, the producers have made an incredible game that we all enjoy but we couldn’t help but wonder, why is so hard to get Cooking Fever Gems? The game is literally ripping your pocket with its high prices on virtual Cooking Fever Gems.

The game doesn’t provide a decent amount of gems so that you can play the game at least at a low level. The lack of gems blocks you as a whole and you can improve at all.  Upgrading your meals is not possible, serving more clients at once isn’t possible and the last but not least, you cannot upgrade at a higher level.

Our Cooking Fever Hack provides you enough amount of Cooking Fever Gems so that you can play the game without the feeling that you are wasting your real money.  We know that nowadays it is popular to pay for the features you want to benefit in the virtual games, but that has gone a little bit too far. Most of the players are complaining or even quit playing the game because of those intrusive demands of the game.

Player’s point of view and the use of Cooking Fever Cheats

Most of the players said that they are totally enjoying this game. Is also very addictive and that is very close to the reality. And they are right. In the game, you need to be careful with your customers! You have to make different marketing strategies in order to allure them.

Customers are visibly annoyed if the waiter is not coming in a certain amount of time. Also, they can get annoyed if the food is taking too long to arrive. If the meal is not good, too hot or too old.

You need Cooking Fever Gems if you want to speed up things, to be able to serve each and every customer and complete their demands.  That’s why the Cooking Fever Hack that we provide will make everything easier for you. It generates a pretty high amount of Cooking Fever Gems that will undoubtedly make your clients happy.

Everyone says that the game is very fun to play and 90% of them are playing it every day. But the major things that infuriate everybody are the Cooking Fever Gems. We know that even in the real world everything has a price, but at least in the virtual world things should be more comforting.

As we said above, you need Cooking Fever Gems if you want to have happy customers. Despite that, the upgrades of the restaurants require an important amount of gems. Want to open a new restaurant? You need Cooking Fever Gems!

Through time it gets very frustrating. Why? Because the player has little to no opportunities to gain gems while playing the game. Their only choice is to play at the casino. And the casino is not very gems-friendly, only taking-money-friendly. Some of the players complained about spending more than 95.000 coins, hoping to win a couple of gems and nothing. Is that fair-play? We don’t think so.

Our Cooking Fever Cheats will give the amount of Cooking Fever Gems that you deserve without spending real or virtual money. It’s you right to earn gems to be able to upgrade your business. Even in the virtual world.

Cooking Fever Hack

Our Cooking Fever Hack will also get you rid of cupcakes problem or the food that costs diamonds.  Even though you are making your own cookies if you want to add more to your restaurant you need to spend at least several diamonds. The same happens with the hamburger buns and other simple dishes.

Why taking gems for something you already have? The Cooking Fever Hack will allow you to add extra foods or cupcakes without any cost and thus gaining more customers.

Even though you finish each and every level, you are not able to upgrade your possessions without Cooking Fever Gems. The rewarded gems are paltry on player’s opportunities and they do not even exist. The gem requirements are excessive compared to each player’s need and the available gems for sale are way overpriced.

So why spending an excessive amount of money on a simple game? Use the  Cooking Fever Hack and take advantage of all important features!

Our Cooking Fever Cheat is easy to use and is available for every Cooking Fever fan out there. The quality and quantity of your food, restaurants, and design shouldn’t be evaluated for the amount of gems. But now you can do that! Because we are going to improve your game experience very easy and fast, without taking your money.

Get now the Cooking Fever Hack and get unlimited Cooking Fever Gems!